A Scifi Game Full of Creativity and Surprises

1.Freedom: You can explore any part of the universe, customize any spaceship and play any role you want-trader, adventurer, space pirate or galaxy conqueror!


2.Balance: Build a fleet with 30 different spaceships of various types from destroyer, cruiser, battleship to aircraft carrier. Each spaceship has its own special weapon and skills. How to balance your spaceships and optimize your fleet to win-the decision is up to you!


3.Interactivity: In this game you can play with other real players around the world and enjoy each exciting moment-reinforcing your allies, intercepting enemies or trade fleet, defending your space station from invaders, assembling to attack a big boss and even challenging thousands of cross-server top players in real time.


Unparalleled Star Wars: It’s not a simple online competition, but a real star war. 5V5? 10V10? 50V50? No, we do better! There is no limit of participants in the battlefield. Hundreds of and even thousands of real players are playing for honor!


Enjoy various real-time star wars at your fingertips


Unlock over 30 spaceships and 60 special-designed weapons.



  • UAV Anti-aircraft Guns

  • UAV Vulnerability Analysis

  • Good at intercepting missiles and dodging quickly. It has a slight edge over other ships in fighting against UAV and battleship. It can shoot multiple targets within firing range.


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